2630 30th St., Boulder 80301Quadrant 3 - $10,800,000 - SOLD

MLS: 904614

Offered at: $10,800,000

Lot Size: 1 Acre (43,560 SF)

Zoning: MU-4

Location: 2360 30th Street, Boulder CO 80301

Vacant Land/Lots in Subdivision: Boulder Transit Village

CALL FOR OFFERS for one or two of the last two parcels in the 30Pearl development project, located at Boulder Junction, Boulders first Transit orientated development, 2360 30th Street, Boulder CO 80301. Property: Condominium Garage, condominium Rental Apartments & Rowhouses, ** Can be converted to for-sale condominiums after eight years.

Total Units, 69 Residential Units, and 73 Garage parking Spaces Land: 43,583 s/fZoning: Mixed Use 4 (MU-4) Condominiums 59, Row Houses 10 units Includes (1) Completed parking garage (2) Satisfaction of Inclusionary Housing (3) Form Based code approval. Site utilities, infrastructure and entitlements. Parking: Parking for the Q3 condominiums and townhomes will be provided through the sale of a garage condominium located under Q3. The underground parking garage will straddle Q2 and Q3 and will be constructed by BHP. The garage will then be split into the two separate garage condominiums. Cont. Broker Remarks

No warranty or representation is made as to the accuracy of the foregoing information or as to the permitted use of the property.  Interested parties should do their own investigation of the property and its use. Terms of Lease or Sale and availability are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. 
Doug Haffnieter, Broker
Flagstaff Properties, Inc.